I am a wife and mother of two wonderful and vivacious boys; one of which struggles with ADHD and the other Autism.

I was one of those parents who at times felt alone in my quest to assimilate my children into the “norm” by providing a foundation that will allow them to learn new concepts at their own pace, as well as simply enjoy life.

It is that loneliness and of course my husband and children who gives me the fuel to embark on this mission of sharing with people who like me, love their family, love to write, and are willing to be ambititious despite any obstacles in their way.

My blog aims to share my weekly experiences as a full time 40 hour a week working wife, mother, as well as my refusal to let ADHD and Autism negate my children’s social and educational advancement.  And from time to time I will rant and rave about how much (or even how little) time I dedicate to writing my first novel (which might I add was supposed to be finished by the end of 2011).

My goal is to write, advocate and promote awareness, and simply be! SimplyNareida.

My Motto:  Judge me not for who I am, but what I can do!


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