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I have to say that I am extremely happy to be writing again.  With the boys on spring break and my youngest son turning four years old on Easter, I decided that I needed to take a week-long vacation and just enjoy some quality time with the family.

During my week off from my full-time job and writing I realized two crucial things: 1. I was extremely stressed out prior to vacation and 2. I missed being at home with my boys.

As the days went by I noticed that my shoulders no longer tingled and the knots that began to bulge from the amount of stress I felt began to decrease the less I worried about non-essential things going on.  I was able to relax – so to speak – and simply focus on the amount of quality time I had with my family.  More importantly, I was able to invest a lot of time in socializing with my seven-year old as well as focusing on speech and re-direction with my now four-year old.

One thing I miss about being a stay at home mom is the amount of time you have to truly mold your children and educate them in the way that you see fit.  As a stay at home mom I can be devoted to a structured schedule, which allows more opportunity for extracurricular activities. Luckily I was able to enjoy the entire Easter weekend with my children and celebrate my little one’s birthday with some Chilli’s dining (one of his favorite restaurants) and afterward eat a lovely Easter themed birthday cake at home!

As much as I miss being home I’ve come to find balance in being a full-time working mother and raising a family.  Certainly there is more to juggle when I’m trying to dedicate time to ensuring my children are set up for success during the school year as well as finding adequate care for them during the summer (which includes digging deep to find summer camps that are autistic friendly); but I also need to find balance in doing what I LOVE to do as well.  I have become a firm believer in the term “time management” and have come to appreciate not only stay at home mothers but also those mother’s who work and still find time to tend to their family and follow their goals.

So far I have committed to creating lists and prioritizing what I want to get accomplished from week to week.  With my sporadic work schedule I know that during my off days I truly need to maximize my time and invest in writing my blog and / or adding to my unfinished novel (which shall I mention I am 25,000 words in!)  As for the children, I am dedicated to finding a secondary program for my four-year old that will help him channel his sensory issues and a sports program for my eldest.  My biggest hope is to find a wonderful summer program that both boys can attend that accepts them for who they are.

If you know of any great resources for autism friendly summer schools or programs feel free to share.