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This week seemed to drag along in my opinion.  For the past few days I felt stressed and overwhelmed both at work and at home.  I felt like I was constantly on the go trying to plan ahead events going on at work and then trying to plan out appointments for my youngest son to alleviate his compulsion and “escape” mechanism.  By the end of the week I could feel the pain in my shoulders, the strain in the back of my neck, and headaches due to over thinking everything.

By the time Thursday rolled around and I had the house completely to myself, I was able to contemplate exactly how and why I had become this frantic.  When I figured out the problem I had to chuckle because I was reminded of something a close friend often tells me: “You get in your head too much!”  This is absolutely true.

I absolutely plan and think and plan and think some more in my mind and get myself all worked up on possible outcomes before they even happen.  I am a person who makes lists and outlines and place items in sequential order and if one thing doesn’t go according to plan I crumble.  This is the pitfall of atypical people who strive for perfection when perfection is unattainable.

I eagerly want my children to succeed and cringe whenever I hear or perceive that my child is a burden or difficult to deal with.  I don’t want them to fail; I don’t want them to be or feel disappointment.  I want them to succeed equally (if not more) than I want myself to succeed.

I desperately needed some inspiration and was relieved when I stumbled upon a blog that seemed to speak directly to me: Rochester Sage.  This post reminded me to put things in perspective and to do what I do best – create a list!!!!  However this list doesn’t have an expiration date and the tasks do not have to be crossed out once they are completed.  This particular list will serve as a reminder of what’s important in my life and things that are within my control!

  • Take 5 minutes to meditate and stay centered.
  • Spend QUALITY time with each child.
  • Remember to say I love you to each member of my family at least twice a day.
  • Foster education, social play, and reading each day.
  • Don’t forget to take at least 20 minutes of time out for yourself – not sometimes – daily!!!!