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 I can’t help but to stare at the word that I strategically placed in the center of my vision board four years ago.  I had just finished reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and of course I was sucked in to the phenomenon and was sold on just how powerful my thoughts were.  “All I have to do is think positive and focus on my goals and they shall come to pass” is all I kept telling myself.  I took to task and created a vision board filled with every materialistic desire and career path I wanted to take.

 Four years later I find myself staring at my vision board and wondering, “what happened?”

When I first created the board I remember feeling a ting of passion and pure excitement over searching every magazine in hopes of finding the right picture that depicted just what I wanted out of life.  I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought a frame, construction paper, tape, and scissors.  When I was finished putting the board together I remember feeling overcome with emotion.  I hung it on the wall and stared at it and I was certain that as long as it hung there, I would be forced to stop and look at it every single day – transforming my thoughts to focus on what I wanted out of life: a little cruise to an exotic island. A house, a car, to be published in every magazine, to write, and of course spend time with my idol Oprah!

Honestly, the first year I stayed focused and made sure I stopped to look at my vision board – glare at every single picture and inspiring word and truly BELIEVE that I would receive everything I pasted on the board.  I had saved up money and planned a ladies getaway cruise with all of my closest girlfriends for the following summer and just couldn’t help but to whisper to myself “see it’s working!”  I wrote and completed several short stories and entered them into contests and was more than confident that I was well on my way to being a published author.  My thoughts again: “see it’s working!”

But I didn’t win a single writing contest and to make matters worse, all of my girlfriend’s backed out of the cruise for one reason or another.  Doubt.

I started to doubt myself and as everyone who has read The Secret knows, once you let negative thoughts in, the more likely negative things will happen.  The weird part is that I didn’t disbelieve the power of thought; but as time went on I found myself staring less and less at the board that hung on the wall.  I have moved twice since I created the board and I have never forgotten nor negated hanging the board up – however I hardly stare at it.  Is it resentment?  Is it pure forgetfulness?  My conclusion is that both of these are reasons I failed to focus on the board.

What sparked my re-interest in the vision board was the realization that the Summer Olympics are this year and of course the 2012 Olympics were one of the items I remember placing on the board (not that I wanted to participate in any events, but as a former track runner I’ve always wanted to sit in the Olympic crowd and watch all of the races.)  Could I still make it this year to the sporting event…possibly.

What I find wonderful is the fact that I have kept my board in tact and as I stare at it today I am not negated nor do I feel saddened by the fact that I have yet to attain a number of items on the board.  Instead I feel empowered, rejuvenated even – just as refreshed and eager as I was the first day I read The Secret.

I may not have accomplished or received the things on my list due to my lack of focus and maybe even allowing the learning’s from The Secret drift out of my mind.  However I am optimistic!  There’s always time to create a new and updated board that compliments any new career (and of course materialistic) goals that I might have.  I think the vision board is not only a visual tool used in hopes to manifest the things we most want, but also a reminder that echoes, “hold steady.”