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I have to admit that for the past week I have internally beat myself up over whether or not I should dare to post on my blog.  After all, the last time I posted a blog was in September 2011, exactly two weeks after I went back into the work force.  Hence, four and a half months have passed since I have laid pen to paper, rather since I have sat in front of a computer and dedicated myself to writing weekly cathartic stories about the happenings in my life and my philanthropic work toward autism awareness.

In retrospect, I have become one of those hard working wives and mothers who desperately want to partake in a hobby or follow their passion but continue to find reasons why they are unable to.  I can just hear myself now telling my husband and all those people who consistently read my blog and repeatedly ask “so when are you going to write another blog, or did you finish writing your novel, and I miss reading your blog Nareida, when do you plan on writing again?”

My responses to each of these questions: “I am too tired; I work 40 hours a week and I want to spend quality time with my family; how can I write when I work and I have to make sure that my children are staying on the right track – the track that I worked so diligently to get them on?”  Needless to say that these “excuses” are valid; however I was stunned and left reflecting on the words that stumbled from my husband’s lips one day after I fed him one of my usual responses: “so what about Nareida?  What does Nareida do for Nareida?”  In the famous words of Oprah, I had an Aha moment!

I had to ask myself how is it that my husband is capable of working 40 hours a week, attend his Master of Fine Arts program full time, as well as lend a hand to fellow friends in the film industry and work on his own music and family inspired webisodes?  He doesn’t love our children any less and while working on his own projects, he finds time to focus on our wonderful boys and in return they continue to love him just the same.  So why did I feel guilty about taking time to write, something that I genuinely love and feel passionate about doing?

With that said, I want to thank my husband and all of my family and friends who felt the need to ask the question “soooo… when are you going to write another blog?”  Thank you for even taking the time out to read every sentence and every page and showing your support via twitter, facebook, and even leaving a comment on the page.  Because of you I feel rejuvenated and eager to get back into the scene despite the inner pity of having a four-month hiatus.  I have a bold goal of working my 40-hour workweek, spending quality time with my family, and ensuring I post on a weekly basis!

Thank you to my husband for inspiring me to push further and further each day and finding ways not only to spend time as a family, but also incorporate learning tools for those with autism.  Here is a fun way my eldest was able to foster communication with his younger brother.  Enjoy!