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I have to admit that this particular post was one of the most difficult to write.  After spending almost a week in Orlando, Florida (well four days to be exact, the other two days were spent driving from New Jersey to Florida) my brain and all of my thoughts seemed to still be on vacation.  I have to commend all the fellow bloggers who go on vacation and still have time – let alone the energy- to write compelling posts while basking in the sun.  With 100 degree sweltering heat and non-stop fun at every theme park in Disneyworld, my mind was focused on the amount of napkins and bottles of water needed to prevent my family from fainting, and how much fun my two boys (and my husband of course) were having. 

There are not many words to describe just how pleased I am with the outcome of this trip.  I was apprehensive about my eldest son’s hyperactivity and my youngest son’s tendency to scream in frustration.  After practically being thrown out of a library days before my trip, I thought the worst: Are we going to be asked to leave the resort because of my children’s behavior? 

We weren’t asked to leave.  In fact both of my boys seemed to fit right in with the hundreds of other children visiting Disneyworld and who were super excited about the magnificence of this magical kingdom.  Our family was no different than any other family fighting the heat, waking up early in the morning to get their children to one of the four theme parks, and spending money on overpriced toys and face painting just to see their children’s face light up.  There were several children screaming for one reason or another (mostly from the heat).  Just about every child was exuberant – especially after seeing their favorite Disney character.  They loved going from theme park to theme park and although my husband and I simply despised the amount of sweat dripping from our bodies, our children never seemed to mind.  My eldest attempted to read every map to get us to the next ride, and my youngest son sat quietly in his stroller in anticipation for the next adventure.  There were bright lights, puppets, a story, and interactive components in almost every ride.  I don’t know any child that wouldn’t enjoy the “magical experience” Disney promotes in all of their parks and kid-friendly resorts.  My children – like every other child in Disneyworld – were enjoying themselves; and at the end of the day that was all that mattered. 

  I can go on and on about the endless shows, rides, parades, fireworks, characters, boat and monorail rides, and dance parties we partook in everyday while at Disney; but instead, I am going to share some of the photos we took which I feel truly expresses our week of family fun (hold the laughs for the end please)!