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I had a rough first week juggling taking my children to summer school, providing time to do homework with them and then for myself, and making time to further develop my young adult novel.  And with those dark voices telling me that it was o.k. if I miss writing my blog due to a hectic schedule, I fought valiantly against the notion and kept my promise to post every Friday.

My youngest son missed his bus on Tuesday which meant my morning was spent watching episodes of Diego and Dora the Explorer, reading Bun Bun the Middle One, and of course alternating writing the ABC’s (another favorite activity of his) in his book (so I start by writing A, he follows by writing B, and then I write C, and the game/ activity goes on).  I am proud to say he is fully potty trained (sound the alarms)!  And more importantly his vocabulary and speech clarity has progressed tremendously. 

As for my eldest son, he had an amazing week.  I don’t know if it is because summer school is only 4 hours and is packed more with fun rather than learning, but he has received nothing but praise from his teacher regarding his behavior.  He seems to enjoy the time he spends at school and can’t wait to come home and tell me about his day while running into the kitchen to make him a snack.  He has definitely grown a bit more independent (now only if he shared that same enthusiasm when it comes to homework).  After five minutes of whining and mumbling about not wanting to do anything, he and I attack two pages per day of the assigned homework that is due to his 2nd grade teacher on September 7th, the first day of school.

As for me I started the week of my Narrative Structure in Film course excited and sure that I would finish all of my assignments early and enjoy a fun filled Friday.  I got to watch Witness, Casablanca, and The Graduate (yes I can feel the envy resonating as you read my class assignment) and dissect not only the screenplay but also how the director and editors were able to capture and display characterization, theme, plot, narration, and structure which make these films memorable.  But as time went on I found myself spending more time marveling these films and making less time for my novel.  Sadly, I did not add much to the novel this week. 

But I am taking this first week in stride and feel prepared for next week.  As the saying goes “you can only go up from here!”

And I promise to see you again next week:  7/15/11