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                 The week started exceptionally well.  Every day I was able to wake up prior to the sunrays hitting my window.  Upon waking I immediately brewed myself a cup of coffee, made way to the computer and started typing my little heart out.  I only took 10 minutes to write my blog and in a matter of an hour I was half way through my young adult novel.  By Monday 7a I was so far ahead in my writing and couldn’t wait to get the children started for their week of summer school.  My eldest son went to school and karate and took swimming lessons while I was able to juggle speech therapy and writing exercises with my youngest son while getting a jumpstart on my class (which actually starts after the holiday thank goodness) by reading my textbook and analyzing the film Witness all at the same time.  It was a miracle!!!!  Yep, after cooking three course dinners every night and getting the children into bed by 8p I had so much time to catch a movie of my choice, surf the internet, and put my feet up on the patio of my 22nd floor apartment and gaze at the summer sky.

                THEN I WOKE UP…

                Most days I was awakened by the sun shining through my window hitting me directly in the face; and I have to be honest – for the majority of the week I woke up dissatisfied with myself for turning off the alarm clock set for 5am as well as ignoring my husband who did his best to wake me to no avail. 

                My eldest son’s four hours of summer school still didn’t allow me time to write as his younger brother didn’t start his summer program until…today.  With karate starting at 6:30p 3 days this week, I found myself focusing solely on my kids during the in between hours.  By the time I put them to bed my body was drained from the heat, my brain clonked, and my emotions were confused by the happiness I felt in my kids progression and the disappointment I felt with how little I’ve written. 

                After a day or so of much needed rest and relaxation I was able to throw out the original to do list I created for the week on Monday.  By Wednesday I was content with my children starting their respective summer schools, making time to help them with their homework, potty training (which is FINALLY working) and making time for karate.

                Luckily one part of the dream became reality: I was relieved that my class begins after the July 4th holiday and I did utilize some of my “down time” to read Linda Cowgill’s Secrets of Screenplay Structure for my Narrative Structure in Film course.  I made the tough decision to postpone swim lessons until my oldest son is done with his summer program.

                More importantly, this week I learned from a fellow blogger that progress is more important that the amount of tasks you are able to cross off the to-do list.  Last week I planned to overfill my basket with eggs and was shocked this week when most of the eggs dropped and splattered on the ground. 

                I’m learning to take it easy and take things day-by-day.  I’m looking forward to a hot and eventful July 4th weekend with the family.  Well, not before I cross one more thing off my list: to take my son to a video shoot tonight on the Brooklyn Bridge (he is so cute – see him here in a Long Island University school production by director Derrick Small   and here is another video directed by Terrence Nance from MVMT / artist Blitz the Ambassador).

Ok. Then that’s it for this week’s list… I hope.     


 See you next week: 7/8/11