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This week was all about thinking ahead.  Unfortunately the results of the homework isolation exercise I started with my eldest son last week is null because with only three full days and 3 half days of school left, there was no homework to do!  And with my son already in all day summer television mode, I had to think of ways I could keep his brain working.  Next week he has summer school that will run for two weeks M-F 8:30a-12:30a; which really equates to 3 hours of structured learning (hopefully) minus 1 hour for lunch.  So for him that’s 7 hours of Cartoon Network, an abundance of snacks, and restlessness throughout the day.  Yikes!  After much panting and hyperventilating I eventually calmed down and drew up a plan that I hope will work.

Luckily my youngest son will attend summer school for one month M-F at normal school hours (which is great because the PIERCING SCREAMS have yet to hault).  I figure I will incorporate a scheduled time for snack – most likely after my youngest son gets home (otherwise there will be snack requests every hour as every parent knows).  My eldest has karate 3x a week and I am adding 2 days of swimming lessons for the month of July which will be exciting for the both of us.  I’m thinking I should alternate the days he has karate with the days he has swimming – just in case he is worn out (which hardly ever happens) – and that way I can take both of the boys to the park 2x a week (like I said my oldest never runs out of energy, and my youngest son will be happy to engage in an activity that doesn’t involve him sitting on the sidelines watching his big brother have all the fun).  Best of all, our local library has a summer reading program that is age appropriate for both of them (I figure this will come in handy once my oldest son’s 2 weeks of summer school is finished).  When I was done planning I nearly put my feet up on the pillow, put my hands behind my head and lounged until I thought….

With the plans to keep the kids mobile during the summer, I forgot about my personal goals and responsibilities.  That’s when the panting and hyperventilating started again, and all the questions flooded in: how am I going to find time to write my blog, and my novel?  And with my online class in Narrative Structure in Film starting next week, how am I going to make time to do my own homework or even sleep for that matter? 

But once my breathing returned to normal and I was subdued the only resolution I could conjure up is waking up in the wee hours of the morning (before the sun has even peeked over the horizon) to get started on my blog and novel, and creating a strict bedtime of 8p for the boys so that weekly I can accomplish reading 100+ pages of Linda Cowgil’s text Secrets of Screenplay Structure, view 2-3 movies ranging from Chinatown to Donnie Darko, studying for a weekly quiz, and “meeting” virally once a week (so happy my instructor sent the syllabus ahead of time). By the end of the week hopefully I’m not the one worn out.

What do you think…am I on the right track or am I juggling too much?  Share your work/life/balance skills.

See you next week: 7/1/11

Just in case you were wondering, I’ve added 900 words to my novel this week. Yay!