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 I started this blog apprehensively (can’t you tell by the passage of time between my first post and its predecessor).  I wanted to share my stories as a parent with the rest of the world, but I feared the potential responses:

“Wait, what are you teaching your children?”

“Sounds like a boring day.”

“Who is this person telling me what she does with her family…like I care!”

But I still chug along with jitters in tow willing to share and reach out to parents who, like me, want to become that person we envisioned being while in high school; all the while raising children who have and are overcoming autism and behavioral problems.   

For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to do was write and to essentially make a profession out of it.  When I left for college in 2001 I was certain that by the year 2005 I would have attained my bachelor’s degree and landed a job as a successful journalist working for a prominent newspaper or magazine.  But that is not how things turned out.  In 2005 I was a wife, a mother, and with no degree I became a teacher’s assistant.  By 2005 I felt the academic itch and returned to school and attained my bachelor’s degree in English, had a second child, and six years later…still unpublished.

The behavioral and neurological problems my six year old and three year old are facing have fueled me to do all I can to stimulate their cognitive and social growth while also ensuring I make time to do what I have always wanted to do…write!

And so, on a weekly basis I will write about my weekly trials, tribulations, as well as successes of raising my six year old struggling with behavior issues, my two year old who has autism; and how I juggle writing my novel, a picture book, and attaining my Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting (whew).  I have a lot ahead of me and I look forward to the challenge, your inspiration, feedback and any words of wisdom.

 See you next week: 6/17/11